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Benefits of clearing out overgrown vegetation

Updated: Mar 31

regular care and maintenance of greenery ensures its sustainability as well as creates a pleasing environment all round.

Nature is an incredibly powerful force, and when left on its own, it can grow to an extent where it completely overtakes the area. One of our services is to help with clearing trees and greenery. Accomplished Tree Management did a job recently at Mid Coast Funerals, 168 Gordon St, Port Macquarie and we helped to clear the trees to make way for better entry into the premises. This brought in much better light, and also less nuisance from birds.

Check out the progression of our work here. The area started off with huge palm trees that were blocking the entrance. It made access clumsy and inconvenient. For all areas of access like doors and windows, for safety they should really be kept free of any obstruction in case of emergency. We spent some time assessing what was best to be done and our client was satisfied with the final result, which is an open area, clearly showing the door and also letting in much more natural light.

Consult a professional before clearing

Always speak to a professional arborist first so you understand what you want to achieve, the best solution for that and how to go about carrying out the procedures. Many of these activities can be dangerous and should not be attempted by home or property owners. Bear in mind also that there are laws guarding the removal and pruning of trees. You'll need to apply for permission before doing any work.

There is more to clearing out an area of overgrown vegetation than just chopping off bits of branches and leaves. There may be bits of pipes and cables around the area, so we need to take into consideration the underground sewage or water and electrical systems when we start work on clearing. After the area is cleared, we manage the disposal as well. That is part of the pride we take in our job, to leave an area better than when we first started. Clearing requires special machinery and tools as well as the skills to use them. Accomplished Tree Management takes safety seriously, that is why we recommend home or property owners to consult a professional arborist rather than undertake a big project on their own. Learn more about what an arborist's job is like here.

What are some of the benefits to clearing out an area?

Pest Control

When you have a very dense area of vegetation, it becomes a popular home for many creatures. Some of these may not be so welcomed or healthy for us. There may be bits of rotting trees, pools of stagnant water, diseased plants festering all trapped inside this dense area. It encourages the breeding of mosquitoes and gnats, and rats and snakes tend to make their homes there. It means there is a risk of disease and this can endanger the property and people living there.

Improve Safety

Dense vegetation blocking an area on a property can be a potential fire hazard. All the fallen and dried branches and leaves can cause a fire to spread. Especially during the hot months or when there is a drought, areas of dead and dry plant matter can catch fire easily. When there is a storm, the loose bits from trees can also fall and damage the property or hurt people. And something we may not even be aware of is, dead trees can harbour airborne viruses e.g. mould. These can spread very easily to other vegetation. When you clear out the area, you improve the safety and health of your property.

Boost Vegetation Growth

This may sound contradictory. How can we boost vegetation growth if we are cutting them away? When an area is overcrowded, the plants and trees do not really grow well either, having to compete for sunlight, water, nutrients. Clearing out an area does not mean taking a giant electric shaver and making the whole area bald. It's about clearing out the dead, diseased and overgrown bits. This will allow the healthy plants to have better opportunities for growth. They have better access to light, water, nutrients. That is why you need to check with a professional arborist who will know which plants or trees to remove and which ones to keep. It's about creating a balanced ecological habitat for the plants and other living things there. When you have a cleared area, you can give it an extra boost of 'vitamins' by adding mulch to cover the topsoil to improve the nutrient value of the soil. Check out our mulch recipe here.

Improve Aesthetics

An overgrown area is simply not a really pretty sight. Even people with incredibly long hair or a bushy beard take the time to give it a bit of trimming and maintenance to continue looking good. When greenery starts to consume an area, it can start to look messy and unattractive. It may end up looking like it´s overrun by weeds instead of healthy greenery. Clearing it can enhance the look of the area, even if it´s just one corner of it. If it's a property that is for sale, you would want it to look as clean and inviting as possible.

Remember how it feels like when you've tidied up your house and things are neat and tidy. You do feel much better inhabiting a place like this. It's the same for your outdoor areas. It brings a sense of stability, calm and you also feel pride at being the owner of an area like this. It's a great way to start the year too. Clear out the old, so you can make way for the new!

Learn more about our different tree maintenance services. Speak to Accomplished Tree Management to find out more.


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