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All our pruning and climbing techniques are AS 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees compliant.

Whether your large tree is beginning to impose itself or a hedge is in need of a trim, we have the skills and equipment to perform the task at hand

in a efficient and safe manner; avoiding any damage to your property. Our aim is to leave the site as we found it.

Large Acreage Maintenance, Pruning, Hedging Port Macquarie through to Taree


Establishing a hedge requires skill and patience as encouraging thick healthy growth is important in achieving an attractive end product. This process takes years with the first few being of greatest importance.


Established hedges require slightly less attention, however this means hedging should be conducted at the beginning of Spring and again at the beginning of Summer to maintain shape.

Accomplished Tree Management provide hedging services for large hedges in the Hastings District


The purpose of pruning is to achieve maximum utility and safe useful life expectancy of your tree(s) thus providing increased aesthetic value.


We provide detailed pruning services by asking the right questions and including you in the process.

Tree pruning services for overgrown trees that need to satisfy building clearance


Deadwood is a natural process of renewal of any tree. Unfortunately this poses a hazard from the intermittent shedding of said parts. Correct management of hazards such as this require management plans to be created. Trees are self optimising structures and often only require small amounts of maintenance to prevent failure of branches and the like. Removal of deadwood and end weight reduction of limbs are most common and effective means of tree hazard management. Further pruning may also be required, however this is usually for aesthetic purposes. Correct assessment and implementation of arboricultural techniques can prevent limb or whole tree failure and provide you with an asset for many years to come.

Trees can be removed if they are exempt from tree was exempt under RFS 10/50 Legislation | Accomplished Tree Management Port Macquarie
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