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How did the Christmas Tree come about?

Updated: Mar 31

While the image of families at the beach celebrating Christmas in Australia with their Santa hats may seem strange to people on the other side of the globe, one thing we all share in common is the eternal Christmas tree smack in the middle of the living room.

Ever wondered how Christmas trees started?

Who first thought of the idea of lugging a massive tree into one's house?

How did the Christmas tree come about? How Christmas trees started? Christmas tree answers from Accomplished Tree Management

Symbol of Eternal Life

It was the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Hebrews who believed evergreens were symbols of eternal life and who brought trees and branches into their homes. Nothing like a bit of green to remind one that spring will return once again and warm the earth, after a cold winter.

Fast forward to the 16th century in Germany.

Trees started sprouting in people's homes and this was the start of what we know today as the Christmas tree.

The 17th century saw the Puritan Americans going on a rant against the Christmas tree because they saw it as a pagan symbol. In fact, their feathers got so ruffled they even went so far as to fine people who insisted on celebrating this pagan holiday! Thankfully their anti-Christmas spree did not last long as the German and Irish settlers were so numerous they made sure nobody stifled the merry making that we associate with Christmas today.

In the 19th century, the Christmas tree shot to fame when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were seen in a family portrait with a Christmas tree. This was when Christmas trees became a must-have item in every household as December approached.

Making Christmas Last

With Christmas round the corner, families who have natural trees in their homes will want to make the tree last, especially in the hot Australian summer.

Christmas trees get thirsty easily and with the summer heat you would have to make sure they are kept well hydrated. Some people spray the leaves with an anti-transpirant to reduce water loss so the tree stays fresh longer. While Christmas trees like water, make sure the drainage is good also.

Make sure your potted Christmas tree has enough space for its roots. If not, you may have to repot the plant so it can continue to last through the summer.

Be careful where you place your Christmas tree. Choose a spot where it can get some warm rays in the morning but some protection from the sun in the sweltering afternoon. One tip is to remember to turn the plant regularly so it gets an even amount of sunlight.

If your Christmas tree stays indoors during the festive season, you can try moving it outdoors once the celebrations are over. Help your tree to adjust to a new environment by putting it in a shady spot before gradually moving it to a sunnier place.

At Accomplished Tree Management, we are truly blessed to work with nature every single day. We give thanks to what nature has given us and we continue to care for and respect its beauty and treasures.

Watch over your trees this Christmas, don your hat, put on your sun cream and stay safe as you explore the Australian bush, camp in the wild outdoors or have a barbecue feast!

Happy Holidays!

From your favourite Port Macquarie Arborist

Accomplished Tree Management wishes you a Happy Christmas!

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