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Updated: Mar 31

Mid North Coast and its surrounds feature some of the most amazing attractions and one of them is the tallest tree that is nearest to Port Macquarie - the 'Old Bottlebutt', a grand and ancient Red Bloodwood (Corymbia gummifera) tree located in Burrawan State Forest.

Old Bottlebutt is unique in its shape - its large flared 'butt' having a massive girth of more than 16 metres just above its base. At over 200 years old and more than 16 metres diameter at its base, Old Bottlebutt is a towering and unique attraction.

The Old Bottlebutt is the tallest tree nearest to Port Macquarie | Accomplished Tree Management

This photo of the Old Bottlebutt is courtesy of Destination NSW.

Statistics from the National Register of Big Trees

Common Name : Bloodwood - Red "Old Bottlebutt" Scientific Name : Corymbia gummifera Circumference : 16.30 metres (641 inches) Height : 52.00 metres (170 feet) Crown : 22.00 metres (72 feet)

Points : 830

State : NSWC Town : Wauchope Access : Public Location : Burrawan State Forest, near Burrawan picnic area

Off Bago Rd onto Internal Break Rd then Jimmys Rd Near Burrawan picnic area. 3.2 kms off Bogo Rd.

Coordinates : 31 31 39.3 S 152 44 37.4 E Nominator : Jude Parr Year Measured : 2012 Type : Native Forest


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