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An Arborist's Life: Going out on a limb

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

As arborists, our days would be rather lifeless if all we did was hack off dead trees.

What most people do not know is how varied our job can be and that usually involves going out on a limb for our clients and by "clients" we mean both Mother Nature as well as the humans who come to us requesting assistance with their gardens or environment.

We are fierce protectors of nature and advocates of how to nurture greenery and

respectfully remove dead trees in keeping with the laws of Mother Nature (and of the government!). For our human clients, going the extra mile often means highlighting certain issues they may not be aware of or putting in a couple more minutes to help them out with an odd job or giving them recommendations that can save them from future problems and unnecessary financial losses.

Take a look at some of our polaroid snapshots of a typical day at work at

Snapshot #1

Sandra from Port Macquarie had a dead tree that needed stump grinding. We packed our gear and got down to her place with our lean, mean stump grinder. It was a rather noisy affair which ended happily enough. Sandra showed us the space she had for her greenery. It was not the largest of spaces but we could play around with the limited space and with a bit of creativity and Tetris mindset Sandra could do quite a lot. We gave her advice on how to prep for planting. We may give the impression of being tough blokes but we are really quite artistic too when it comes to making greenery work!

¨I hired Accomplished Tree Management and received fantastic service at a

good price. Very happy and would highly recommend to anyone in need of their services.¨ Sandra Bush

Stump Grinding by Accomplished Tree Management

Snapshot #2

On this day, we trotted over to Sancrox to help Claire out with a dead tree. We

always do an assessment of the tree in question and its surroundings before

deciding on the best course of action. We aim for one that would do the least possible damage to the nature and infrastructure around. With Claire's tree we had to take out the top. It had monsterio growing up it and it was adamant on

persevering. We also did a bit of stump grinding so that burnt a load of calories

off us. During our assessment when Claire was showing us her property, we

identified some issues with other trees. We always feel it is our duty to let our

clients know if we notice anything that could pose a problem in the future. We

are all for the belief that prevention is better than cure. It is no skin off our noses

to throw out some information for the benefit of our clients. They trust and

respect our tree services and expertise and we are proud of what we are able to do for them, today and beyond.

Call Accomplished Tree Management to remove dead trees

Snapshot #3

A big plus point in our job is we get to explore different locations! We never know where we may get sent to. Our work is never dull and it is a wonderful way to know many places really well, not to mention the interesting clients we meet! We met Helen Newman and her husband in Mount George. They were pensioners who had problems with their solar panel because of a tree that was blocking it. After explaining to them the options we decided to remove the tree to make the panel work more efficiently. While we were there, we threw in a little extra work for them and made safe several trees her husband had ring barked previously. It´s an 'easy' way to kill trees where you remove a strip of bark from around the entire circumference of the trunk. He had intended to kill the trees but they had not made plans for what to do with the trees when they were dead! That was where we came in handy!

Snapshot #4

Arborists do not always work in gardens or lush foresty type of places. One of the most beautiful places we worked at was Lighthouse Beach. Yes, arborists can also run around with the sand and the deep blue sea! Sarah Duncombe called us to help with tidying up her palms. We certainly did not mind soaking up the fresh sea air while we gave her palms a bit of a trim. Sometimes we see trees as no different from humans – we provide services for trees ranging from planting to haircuts to curing an illness and a proper burial when trees die.

Call Accomplished Tree Management to tidy your palms

Snapshot #5

We had a consultancy job at Krambach with Kathleen Soper. She wanted to install a root barrier. It would have been pointless and run the risk of injuring an old tree. We tell our clients what we believe is the best thing to do. In her case they should leave the situation untouched or bite the bullet and cut down the tree. We need to be open and listen to what our clients need and then help them to understand why certain measures have to be taken.

Snapshot #6

On this day we visited Marcus living in Kinchela. He was putting in a new driveway and needed a row of small trees to be taken out and the stumps lowered. Arborists also make up part of the team that make your home residences look good! It is also important for arborists to have a global vision of what each client needs. If we only focused on the trees now without considering the infrastructure, the purpose of the building or environment and very importantly, without thinking into the future, we would not be able to help our clients make the best decision. We often have to look ahead into the future simply because we work with powerful living forces that grow and change with time. We need to be able to tell our clients how the future could affect them so they can make the best choices right now, to either keep a tree or remove it.

Snapshot #7

Lee living in Blackmans Point requested our help to top out some small trees and shrubs on an investment property. We discussed what the area needed and we are always honest with our clients as to what we think would work best. We also helped Sandra Spence take out two cocos palms in the same region. Sharing our knowledge is what makes our clients trust us, and we always hold on to the old school value of honesty being the best policy.

Snapshot #8

We went to Bonny Hills to help Greg Hedley with some dead and dying trees around his property. We left him delighted with what he paid for our services (we threw in a bit of extra work cutting up firewood!).

Accomplished Tree Management is a professional and qualified arborist who is fully insured

At Accomplished Tree Management we are proud of each days work. Our clients trust in our expertise and experience and as you can see, there is never a dull moment in our working day. We are privileged to enjoy the variety in our work.

For all Tree Services in Port Macquarie through to Camden Haven, Forster and Taree, please call Accomplished Tree Management of 0411443535 or contact us online.

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