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Safety Precautions in Stump Grinding

it is more than just chopping off a tree and leaving behind a piece of wood in the ground.

If you are new to stump grinding, hop over and read our blog that explains what stump grinding is all about. Those who are familiar with it will know that stump grinding is a complicated process that requires the help of professional arborists.

We recently did a stump grinding project for a client, and it was a challenge making sure everyone was kept safe, and that included the infrastructure around.

Stumps with boards around to contain projectiles | Accomplished Tree Management

Dangers during stump grinding

The stumps in this project were surrounded by river stone which causes a lot of projectiles. This meant we had to erect boards to contain the grindings and prevent the projectiles from damaging the property around.

This is why we always caution homeowners to call in professional arborists to handle these jobs. Doing this DIY would mean not being aware of the risks involved because of the river stone. You do not want to get pelted with these stones, and getting one in vulnerable areas such as the eyes would be a danger to be avoided at all costs.

Our arborists are always geared up for safety. We wear helmets, goggles and masks to protect us from flying debris.

Creative solutions

Part of our job involves being able to spot risks, and this comes with not just knowledge but also experience. Creativity in finding a solution for each risk is also a necessary trait in a good arborist. Pieces of boards may not be part of the arsenal of tools but they clearly came in very useful in this project.

Finishing well

At Accomplished Tree Management, we treat each property as if it were our own, and we like to start well and finish even better. While the stump grinding in this project required a lot of attention, we always ensure that we leave the property even better than when we found it. This means clearing up and tidying up everything. It is important that our clients are pleased with the final situation, and it also matters to us that we are proud of what we have done.

Read what one of our clients has to say about our work

Client testimonial Accomplished Tree Management | Accomplished Tree Management

Did you know that all the grindings can be repurposed? Use them to make a mulch recipe! Your trees and greenery will be grateful to you for it. Read our blog to get the recipe.

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