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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Stump grinding mulch recipe | Accomplished Tree Management

Recycling Ground Chips

After grinding a stump, what do you do with the massive pile of stump grindings?

Recycle them.

Using stump grindings as mulch brings many advantages. They help to insulate the soil making it warmer in winter and cooler when the weather gets hot. They reduce evaporation and are also good for retaining moisture. They even help to reduce weed growth and ultimately they make weed removal easier.

When using these stump grindings, it is probably best to check if they came from a diseased tree. While the harmful pathogens from a diseased tree should not cause problems when applied above the soil surface, it is best to err on the side of caution.

Stump Grindings Mulch Recipe

To make mulch, you need a few simple ingredients:

  • A trusty leaf rake

  • A strong shovel

  • A large wheelbarrow

  • A dash of high-nitrogen fertilizer

  1. Rake the wood chips into a pile.

  2. Scoop them into a wheelbarrow with your shovel.

  3. Remove bits of grass that may have escaped into the mix. Leaves or evergreen needles can be left in the mix without problems.

  4. One neat little trick is to first add a one-inch layer of nutrient-rich compost around your plants if you know the soil is not fertile enough. This gives a bit of oomph to the plants than just adding wood chips alone.

  5. Spread a three to six-inch layer of wood chips around the bottom of the plants depending on the size of the plants or trees. Make sure you do not spread the mulch directly against the plants because this can cause decay or infestation of the living plant.

  6. You can mix the wood chips with mulch or shredded bark if you find you are running out of chips.

  7. You can add some high-nitrogen fertilizer if you see weak plant growth after applying the wood chips. This is because wood chips use up nitrogen in the decaying process and they may be depriving the soil of nitrogen.

  8. Remember to replenish the mulch as the wood chips decompose over time.

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You can also use these tree stumps as firewood. We'll chop them up and pile them for you. All ready for use as firewood in winter! | Accomplished Tree Management

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