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Tree Removal is not a DIY project on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Our arboricultural specialists respect your trees and its environment

Trees are our gifts from Nature and when it is time to let a tree go, it is only fitting to do so in the most professional way possible as a mark of respect to a living organism that has quietly and humbly provided shade and beauty for so many years.

Tree removal is a complicated procedure that does not merely involve getting rid of a large plant. Ask for a team of qualified professionals who know the requirements to undertake tree removal safely and efficiently to avoid damaging the environment around the tree.

It is definitely not a DIY project on a lazy Sunday for the man of the house.

It is a hazardous task and requires well-trained arborists who understand the safety requirements. They are often required to work in uncomfortable and confined spaces where they have to take precautions not to damage the infrastructure and greenery around the trees.

It also involves coordination with other organizations or entities to ensure the professionals can work safely in the area. Arborists have to make sure while they are working they are keeping a safe distance from power lines. If the work is being carried near a road, they may need to take into consideration the necessity to divert traffic. Very often their work is also limited by the weather – extreme weather conditions like wind can impede their work and safety. Each relevant organisation can advise and coordinate with arborists to help them carry out the work safely.

That's a big difference between a tree lopper and a professional arborist

There are also sometimes hidden dangers in the tree itself. Arborists have to check the tree to know which parts are safe for climbing, whether there are poisonous plants growing on the tree itself which may cause an allergic reaction to the workers, and even things like spotting a beehive on a tree could mean preventing an unpleasant trip to the hospital for stings.

Our certified tree specialists can remove trees safely and efficiently

The process of tree removal is no walk in the park. Tree removal specialists have a job similar to a specialist surgeon performing an operation. They have to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the tree, understand its problems and evaluate the conditions to see if a removal is absolutely necessary and also decide how to remove the tree. A hazard briefing is performed before the task to ensure the team understand the procedures and have checked their equipment. They examine the area to know what they have to deal with and forecast any potential problems the set-up of the surroundings may pose for them. Special equipment is brought in and set up for the operation. When the operation is finished, the team is also responsible for clearing up the area and ensuring they leave the area with safety requirements fulfilled and checked.

Tree removal may be unavoidable at times, but it is our responsibility to understand nature and with experience we will gain enough foresight to implement development plans that merge harmoniously with nature to minimize the necessity to remove trees.

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Accomplished Tree Management is based in Port Macquarie and services the Mid North Coast. With over 16 years experience, we employ safe work methods and are certified with Australian AS 4373-2007-Pruning of Amenity Trees standards. We're fully insured with $20 million Public Liability and $5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance.

We provide the following tree services -

  • Tree management - tree removals, palm tree services, council permits

  • Tree and garden maintenance - hedging, pruning, deadwooding, stump grinding

  • Tree consultation - arboricultural reports, hazard assessment

Tree Removal is not a DIY project on a lazy Sunday afternoon is written by Vermilion Pinstripes, a sales marketing and communications agency based in Port Macquarie helping businesses build brand confidence.

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